AlphaRex OverDrive 2023: Memorable Moments with Max and Maaya Orido

AlphaRex OverDrive Event 2023 with Max Orido and Maaya Orido

On October 28, 2023, a chilly Saturday was anything but chill for AlphaRex. This was the Saturday before SEMA, and we were hosting the AlphaRex OverDrive event, followed by a trip to Las Vegas to prepare for our SEMA booth. Earlier in 2023, we had the pleasure of meeting Max and Maaya Orido during a drifting event in Asia. They fell in love with our GR86 headlights and tail lights, leading to a collaboration to promote our GR86 headlights and other JDM series in both the Asian and American markets. We invited the Orido family to the U.S. for the SEMA show 2023. Seizing this opportunity, we decided to give our fans a chance to meet Max and Maaya Orido in person. Despite our tight schedule, we knew the AlphaRex OverDrive event was a must. ​

We invited local JDM enthusiasts to the AlphaRex OverDrive, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who brought their friends and vehicles, making this event a huge success. Special thanks to Fuiwara Tofu Cafe, whose owner, Vincent, is a well-known JDM culture fan, especially passionate about the Initial D manga. Vincent's AE86 is one of the cleanest replicas I've seen, a true homage to the manga. The SoCal 86 Group also attended, bringing a crew of 86 members with their modified GT86 and GR86. Many more local car enthusiasts joined us with their rides, adding to the event's vibrant atmosphere.

The interaction between Max and Maaya Orido and their fans was phenomenal. We organized an autograph session where fans could get signatures from the Oridos. Fans brought a variety of items for signing, including drifting DVDs, steering wheels, and even a broken tire from a drift session. The session lasted 30 minutes, and when we suggested Max take a break, he insisted on staying with the fans. It was a touching moment, highlighting his genuine love for interacting with fans and car enthusiasts. Max's reaction was a testament to the event's success. Although it wasn't a massive event, the interaction and engagement we created were incredibly rewarding, fulfilling the event's primary goal.

At AlphaRex, we are committed to our mission of delivering unrivaled lighting products and technology. Events like the AlphaRex OverDrive showcase our dedication to connecting with car enthusiasts and the broader automotive community. By fostering these interactions, we gain valuable insights and feedback, helping us innovate and refine our products to meet the evolving desires of our customers. This event is a prime example of how we execute our insights and commitment to excellence, ensuring that AlphaRex remains at the forefront of the automotive lighting industry.

Overall, the AlphaRex OverDrive was a successful event. It may have been small, lasting only four hours, but it was a fantastic experience for AlphaRex, the fans, and Max Orido. We hope to host more events like this in the future to engage with more fans and immerse ourselves in different car cultures and communities. See you all soon!